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The hospital of a fast emergency aid of the city named Almaty (BSNP) is a large medical institution with highly skilled doctors, with long-term history which has been founded in far 1896. In 2016 BSNP celebrates the 120 anniversary. For all these years the hospital several times changed not only the name, but also heads. Since February, 2016 the head doctor of city hospital of a fast emergency aid is Dzhuvashev Almaz Bolatovich.

Initially this medical institution was based as hospital of Society of a red cross in the city Vernyi the Semirechensky County, and it was expected 15 beds. The fact that according to contemporary records, the governor ordered to open hospital is interesting. The position of the first head doctor was held by the graduate of the St. Petersburg army medical college Ieronim  Ivanovich Sobolevsky.


At that time the hospital was the only medical institution in the city which became more and more over time, in it such units as surgery, neurosurgery, gynecology, urology, traumatology appeared.



The hospital of a fast emergency aid during the existence was called differently: Almaty district and city hospital of  Dzhetysusky regional public health department (1922-1924), Almaty city hospital of  Dzhetysusky provincial public health department (1924-1927), city hospital of the Almaty public health department (1927-1947), city joint clinical hospital No. 1 of the Almaty public health department (1947-1975). Since 1975, its name was the confidant to modern: “City clinical hospital of emergency medical service”.



In 2006 the contemporary history of  BSNP has begun. The old building was demolished, and on his place the new clinic conforming to all international standards, equipped with the latest equipment and staffed by high-class experts has been erected. The new building of BSNP in 2011 was opened personally by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev.


Today activity of BSNP is directed to rendering highly skilled emergency and planned medical care to residents of Almaty and all Kazakhstan. The hospital is calculated on 355 places. The majority of surgeries in surgery, gynecology, urology, is carried out with use of the most modern low-invasive endoscopic technologies. In hospital the only thing in Almaty office of toxicology where the round-the-clock help to patients with toxicological and chemical poisonings is provided functions.

In hospital 15 departments of such educational institutions as KAZNMU of S. Asfendiyarov, the Kazakh medical university of continuous education, the Kazakhstan-Russian medical university work. Four years ago the insultny center on 30 beds which work is aimed at decrease in a lethality and invalidization at the diseases connected with the blood circulatory system has been open. In 2014 in hospital together with department of neurology and psychiatry of the Kazakhstan-Russian medical university “The school of a stroke” where classes for patients and their relatives are given in treatment and leaving after the postponed disease has been open.




Besides, the clinic obtained national accreditation, was recognized as the best organization on the amount of socio-economic indexes of statistics following the results of 2011-2012 three years ago, and in the nomination “Indicators of Assets and Liabilities” took the 1st place to Almaty and the 4th place in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It should be noted also the fact that European business the Assembly in 2014 appropriated to hospital the international certificate of the Swiss institute of the quality standards “S.I.Q.S” (Zurich, Switherland).

In November, 2015 the Hospital of a fast emergency aid was awarded awards “Pride of medicine”, doctors were awarded by letters and breastplates in the nominations: “Specialist of year”, “The best head of year”. The clinic also achieved important results for the first half of the year of the current year. For example, the level of categorization of doctors grew by 10%, that is, their high-quality structure improved, the average duration of stay of the patient on a bed decreased: from 7,1 to 6,9 days in case of a city indicator 8,6, the level of a lethality decreased by 17% in comparison with last year (with 2,3 to 1,9). Also the Hospital of a fast emergency aid received the international certificate “Leader of an Industry” in 2016.

Our mission
Our attainments